Proposed Amendments to Bylaws

Voting Results

Good News Everyone!

The voting period on this issue is ended as of February 28 and here are the results as of February 24:

  • Change the definition of a "quorum" from 51% to 25%
    • 59 Yes 7 No
  • Allow homeowners to send their proxies electronically by email
    • 64 Yes 4 No
  • Change the date of the annual meetings from April to October
    • 67 Yes 1 No
  • Expand the Board of Directors from 3 to 5
    • 64 Yes 3 No
  • Stagger the election of board members
    • 66 Yes 1 No
  • Clarification of how and when officers are elected
    • 64 Yes 4 No

According to the existing Bylaws, the HOA needed 67% or 59 of 88 homeowner votes to pass these amendments and, as of February 14, we have received the required number of "yes" votes. The HOA is currently working with our attorney to approve these changes. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Dear Homeowners,

At Hawk Ridge, we have a special neighborhood, with a cost-effective and friendly HOA that is building community! As part of our on-going efforts to update our HOA while keeping costs low, we need to update our bylaws. This is a legal document that defines the structural and operational rules for the HOA Board. The proposed changes to our bylaws can be viewed here.

Please take a moment to review these changes. We will hold a special meeting August 28, 6:30PM at the Monument Public Library for all homeowners to ask questions and vote on these changes. If you can not attend this meeting, please vote online here or fill out this proxy form to give your vote to the Board or another homeowner who will vote according to your wishes. If you decide to reject the proposed changes, please let us know why, so that we can revise them. Our goal is to increase community involvement and awareness for all Hawk Ridge homeowners, so please help us to help you.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Change the definition of a "quorum", the minimum number of homeowners that need to be present at a meeting to vote on elections and other HOA business, from 51% to 25% (Article III paragraph 4 - Quorum.) Attendance at the annual homeowners meetings has historically been low - too few homeowners showed up to vote on issues and elect board members, making it impossible for the Board to get anything done. It's important to note here, that this does not affect how we vote on any changes to the Covenants or the Bylaws in the future - to change these will still require approval by 2/3 of the homeowners.
  • Allow homeowners to now send their proxy votes electronically by email in lieu of a paper proxy form sent through regular mail or handed to someone who is attending the meeting (Article III paragraph 5 - Proxies.) Again, we are trying to make it as easy as possible for homeowners to allow us, the HOA Board, to conduct business.
  • Change the date of the annual meetings from April to October (Article IV paragraph 3 - Annual Meetings.) One of the items being voted on during our annual meetings is the HOA's operating budget for the upcoming year. This should be done before the start of the fiscal year, which is in January.
  • Expand the Board of Directors from 3 to 5 (Article V paragraph 1 - Number and Qualification.) We wanted to give homeowners broader representation by having more board members that can vote on issues and set policy.
  • Stagger the election of board members so that only two members are up for election on odd years, and the other three members on even years (Article V paragraph 3 - Election and Term of Office.) This is to maintain the continuity of the Board- if all of the Board of Directors are replaced at once, the incoming board members may not have enough information about current issues to conduct the business of the HOA.
  • Clarification of how and when officers are elected (Article VI paragraph 2 - Election of Officers.) In the past, it was unclear for whom the homeowners should be voting at the annual meetings. Homeowners vote for the Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors votes for its officers.

If any of these changes are unclear, please don't hesitate to send us an email.

Thank you!


Ballot Form

Use this form to cast your vote on this issue if you will not be able to attend the special meeting.


Proxy Form

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