Welcome to Hawk Ridge


The mission of the Hawk Ridge Homeowners Association is to promote the common good and general welfare of the owners and residents in the Hawk Ridge Subdivision.

Termination of Contract with PMI

The HOA has decided, for a number of reasons, to terminate its relationship with PMI effective May 28, 2020. This means that all the responsibilities and tasks that PMI was performing in the past now fall upon us, the HOA board members. While the additional work is not a great hardship for us, it certainly impacts our effectiveness so we ask everyone for your understanding while we adjust to this new normal.

Also, please note that we have a new mailing address, P.O Box 2093, Monument CO 80132.

As always, volunteers who wish to join the HOA board are always welcome! Please contact us if you're interested in helping out.

Annual Homeowners Meeting

It's that time of year again! Time for all of us to get together and review the state of the HOA. The meeting is scheduled for 7:00PM on April 22, 2020 and will be by video or telephone conferencing. If you know you will not be able to attend, we would like to ask everyone to give their voting proxy to a friend or neighbor you know will be attending.

As a result of the Bylaws amendments we were able to get passed, please be aware that you may now send your voting proxies electronically by email as well as paper copy. Since you're already here...if you know you will not be able to attend to the meeting, why not fill out the online voting proxy form here?

The meeting agenda can be found here.

The Minutes of the 2019 Annual Meeting held on May 22, 2019 can be found here.

The FY 2019 operating budget can be found here.

We hope to see everyone at the meeting!

Bylaws Amendments Final Voting Results

We now have the final voting results on the Bylaws amendments. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Bylaws Amendments Voting Results - Round Two

The votes from the September 28 Special Meeting are in! Click this link to see the results. Thanks to everyone who showed up to the meeting and those who sent in their absentee ballots and proxies.

We continue to ask those homeowners who have not yet weighed in on this issue to please do so.

Special Meeting for all Hawk Ridge Homeowners

We will hold a special meeting August 28, 6:30PM at the Monument Public Library for all homeowners to ask questions and vote on some changes to the HOA Board Bylaws. Please click this link to read more about these proposed changes. It is very important that we have everyone involved in this decision in order to allow the Board to conduct business more efficiently.

Traffic light to be installed at SH 83 and County Line Rd/Palmer Divide Rd

According to the latest information received from the El Paso County planning board:

The intersection of SH 83/Hodgen currently has a traffic signal.

The intersection of SH83/Highway 105/Walker Road was considered for a roundabout previously in 2012. CDOT opted to put in a signal in 2013. At this time they are not considering any changes at that location.

CDOT is currently designing passing lanes/safety improvements for SH83 between Highway 105 and County line Road (AKA Palmer Divide Road).

In addition, due to the detour traffic from the I25 GAP project, CDOT will be installing a temporary signal at SH83/County line Road (AKA Palmer Divide Road) within the next two months (this intersection currently has stop signs on the County Line Road legs). They are looking at options for long-term intersection improvements/traffic control device to be constructed this location and they are very much considering a roundabout as an option.

Both of the above projects (passing lanes and the long-term intersection improvements) will be completed after the I 25 gap project has wrapped up - probably in 2022/2023.

Monument Academy middle/high school update

The El Paso County Development Commission approved the location for the Monument Academy school by a vote of 3 to 2. The following excerpt is from a post on Nextdoor.com. Steve Gutman, a resident of Walden, writes:

"Neighbors from our broader community, Walden and environs, made some amazing comments from the heart at the Hearing, and the room was so full that the Chairman, Mr Egbert, had the folding wall at the rear of the room opened. He noted that it had been a long time since they had to do that, so we were definitely noticed and definitely listened to as the close vote attests. The County claims that their hands are totally tied by the state...they would not have changed their decision even if a Hooters was known to be going in with the retail/commercial area. They were just looking at the school and its traffic. That is all. As it was, our impassioned pleas for the Commission to treat this differently because the safety of kids on our dangerous roads without buses caused 2 commissioners to vote in our favor. The resolution they approved had three conditions, including CDOT approval of the permits they expect to submit tomorrow for the CO83 entrance/egress...as well as the Walker Road Traffic Circle. Yep. Traffic circle, confirmed today and not even shown on drawings. So many loose ends, so many blind eyes. Another required District 38 to hold a public hearing (at last) to hear our concerns. I also told the Monument Academy board member present that a number of residents, probably a lot of us, would welcome the opportunity to have a meeting to begin a dialogue and relationship. We shall see what happens. SOOOO, CDOT is next, and the comments all of you sent to Nina at County and Art at CDOT, including the ones you sent before today's Hearing, were given to the each Commissioner and are part of the meeting record. Great job neighbors. Stay tuned. This is just getting started."

Zoning meeting for Monument Academy middle/high school

There will be a zoning board meeting on May 7 at 9:00AM at 2880 International Cir, Colorado Springs, CO 80910, to discuss the building of a new middle/high school at the south-east corner of Hwy 83 and Walker Rd. Anyone interested should visit the El Paso County Planning Commission website for details of this project.

2019 Budget

The proposed operating budget for fiscal 2019 is now available online. We ask all homeowners to please review this document and be prepared to vote on it at the Annual Homeowner Meeting in May.

2019 Annual Homeowner Meeting

The annual meeting will be held on Wednesday May 22nd, 2019 at the Country Club at Woodmoor located at (map):

18945 Pebble Beach Way

Monument, CO 80132

Phone: (719) 481-2272

The meeting will start at 6:30PM but please arrive early to enjoy free food and drinks.

Under New Management

As you may know, we have handed over operations of the HOA to PMI Pikes Peak Management Company as of December 2018. I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this change and how it affects you as homeowners.

By now you should have received an introduction letter from PMI through regular US mail. Please be sure to read it, as it contains some very important information regarding your annual HOA dues. Also, please complete the contact information form so that PMI can update their records and keep everyone informed of any changes in HOA operations.